Golden Retriever Puppies from Kansas


Annie, Our 4th generation Momma, Daughter and look alike to our beautiful Ellie, is now our next momma.  Annie is petite  3/4 English Cream Golden 1/4 American Golden with Champion bloodlines from 4 countries.  She carries the color of an American Golden so we are hopeful that many of her pups will still have some redish highlights in their creamy fur. We chose to keep Annie for many reasons but she melted our hearts with her devoted personality that showed up very early on. Always at dinner time her litter mates would be gathered around their dinner bowls eating and I would feel a little bundle of fur next to my leg.  I would look down and there would be Annie, easy to distinguish because she was the darkest by far in her litter, looking up at me with a look that said ” you are the best thing ever”.  Annie still loves to be close to me and one of her favorite things to do is to sit and swing with me in our tree swing bench. If I say the word ‘swing’ she runs over to it and waits for me.  Annie loves to play ball and boy is she agile.  She would do well I think in a dog agility course.

PS: Ellie, Annie’s mom, has been adopted by a sweet couple who started “asking” for her about three years ago.  Ellie is happy and living a great retirement life. I am so pleased because I will receive texts like ” Ellie is such an Angel, we are still looking for her wings” and “Ellie is such a God Send, literally!”  It is fun because I get to watch her sometimes when this couple goes out of town.