Golden Retriever Puppies from Kansas

Our Beautiful Ellie has retired and will now just be pampered and loved and living the ‘dogs’ life.  Her little “clone” Annie will be our momma now.  Annie is a very petite golden retriever with Champion Blood lines from 4 countries.  She carries more of the golden color although she is 3/4  English Cream and only 1/4 American, she looks so much like Ellie.  We are excited about that because all of her puppies should be cream with golden highlights. We are now in search of the perfect male to breed her with.  I fell in love with Annie when she was a very tiny pup.  While her litter mates would be heading to their food bowls, Annie would be sitting at my feet just gazing up into my face.  She would rather be with me than eat.  If she sees me sitting in my tree swing she comes running and jumps into my lap to snuggle and swing.  She is beautiful and sweet and loves to play ball.


Here are some pictures of Annie growing up.

Annie is on the right.      6 weeks old








4 months old

8 months

One Year

16 months with a snow mustache : )












More pictures and info to come.