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At Simply Golden Puppies we raise some of the most beautiful, premier, English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies in the US!  Our puppies have International Champion Bloodlines, are AKC registered, have Exceptional Health Clearances, Beautiful Blocky Heads and Fun Dispositions.  Our never kenneled, well loved puppies make the perfect family dog! We are located in the Kansas City area however our puppies are adopted all over the United States.

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We are beyond excited about our 6th generation of puppies that have just arrived! So excited in fact that we will be keeping a female or two. Kate's pups arrived June 4th and Greta should have her puppies any day now.

The sire of both litters is from Serbia, bred by an international show judge! Bennie is incredibly beautiful and is also super sweet and attentive. We just love him!

These pups will be extraordinary! We have some white puppies and some that will be butter color with white highlights and a couple that will be a light golden brown. Call soon to reserve a puppy! They will go fast. Take home day will be the weekend of July 24th and the first weekend in August.


Champion blood lines from a trusted breeder

There are many options when looking for a Golden Retriever puppy. Many puppies are raised in undesirable conditions or left to fend for themselves with little interaction or love. That is heart breaking to us! We believe that Golden Retriever puppies and their mommas deserve a lot of love and attention. If you have ever had a Golden, you know that they are happiest when they are with their people. For this reason we keep our breeding program small. Our goldens are pets first. They are never kept in a kennel and spend a lot of time by our sides. We believe that if our momma's are happy the babies are happy too.

The litters of Greta and Kate mark our sixth generation of puppies. We know very well how our puppies turn out. Our puppies have championship blood lines from 6 separate countries. That makes their gene pool phenomenal! You can expect a beautiful, healthy, very smart dog with therapy soft fur and blocky heads. They are devoted and loyal with very fun personalities!

While environmental factors play a big part in the health of your golden retriever you can be sure that we have done our best to ensure your puppy gets the best possible start in life. All of our personal adult goldens have lived past 12 years old with several living to be 16 years old.

Why a golden retriever is the perfect first dog

A golden retriever puppy is an excellent choice for those who are looking to get their first dog. The golden retriever is even-tempered, intelligent and affectionate. Golden retrievers are playful, yet gentle with children, and they tend to get along well with other pets and strangers. They’re easy to train, and they have a lot of personality. Here’s why we think this breed makes an ideal first dog:

Our Goldens are smart – The golden retrievers are very intelligent dogs that can learn quickly. If you are consistent you can teach them very precise things like staying off of the carpet unless they are invited on it, waiting at an open door until they are invited in, not to bark unless there is something important to bark about.... Because they are so smart, they can also learn to "work " the system so praise and being consistent is key. Goldens are eager to please and like to work which explains why they respond so well to obedience training and are such popular service dogs. Many of our puppies have gone on to be service and therapy dogs.

Our Goldens are loyal – Golden retrievers are extremely loyal dogs. They were born to please you which makes them the best companion dog and another reason that they can be wonderful therapy or emotional support dogs.

Our Goldens are great with kids – Golden retrievers are great with children! They seem to instinctually know how to interact with them. This means that if you’ve got young kids at home, then you should consider getting a golden retriever as your first dog. One of our last customers had a one year old who tripped and fell in the grass. Our puppy went carefully up to him, bent his head down to his face as if to ask if he was all right. The pup was 12 weeks old. It melted all of our hearts! Long ago my Daughter learned how to walk by pulling up on our first Golden Retriever.

Our Goldens are funny - They have the best personalities! They are loving, loyal, goofy, playful, gentle, and bring so much joy to our golden families!

Living With a Golden Retriever- Golden Retrievers like to be active. They are bird dogs at heart, so they love a good game of fetch or a swim. If exercise is provided daily, golden retrievers can adapt to any type of home, even if it is a city apartment. Golden retrievers are considered average shedders. Brushing about once weekly will keep the coat looking nice.


In 1999, the golden retriever was the second most popular AKC breed. This ranking is no surprise, because the dog has many qualities that make for a perfect family pet.

The golden retriever's roots are in the fields and waterways of Great Britain. The golden retriever was bred to be a bird dog, particularly for hunting water fowl, and the breed resulted from crossing a number of other breeds thought to include spaniels, setters, and the Newfoundland (but not the Newfoundland we know today), and perhaps even a bloodhound. The combination created a hardy, strong swimming dog that could withstand cold water, track wounded game and deal with crippled birds.

Today, golden retrievers are not only good bird dogs and family pets; they also are popular as service dogs for the blind and disabled, and as search and rescue dogs and contraband detection dogs. Few dogs can claim this breed's versatility.


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