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We are often asked what our favorite dog toys and products are so here is a list for you.

Kuranda Dog Bed

We discovered this bed from a dog trainer who uses it to give the group of dogs they are training a place to go that is their "spot" to hang out and wait patiently.

It is a great dog training tool, our dogs love it. It is comfortable for them, easy to clean and you can get soft covers if you want to. We use them inside and outside and it is the ONLY bed we have ever had that has lasted longer than two years.

Everyone we have spoken to at Kuranda has been very nice and helpful. We Highly recommend the Kuranda Dog Bed.

( It comes in several styles and colors too)

Pregnant Greta hanging out on the Kuranda Bed with a couple of her favorite toys!
Very Pregnant Kate Waiting patiently for me to take her on a walk

To find a Kuranda bed like ours click this link.

Jolly Pets Medium Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy, 6 inch Diameter

They also come in 8"

We love this Jolly Soccer Ball! Our dogs will play fetch keep away and soccer with this ball. When playing soccer they are usually the Goalie : ) We love it because even if it gets a hole in it it stays inflated. They are very tough and lots of fun!

The Kong Ball

The Kong Ball is an all time favorite of all of our dogs though the years. Throwing this ball to them is a great way to wear off some energy. I don't have a link to this but they are sold most everywhere.

The HurriK9 Dog Toy- our dogs love this toy

Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie Dog Toy by MultiPet

Aroma-Dog-Fleece-Flattie-Dog-Toy-by- MultiPet

We pretty much love most of the Multi Pet Toys. These "Stuffies". are great because they don't have much stuffing that our dogs love to pull out. There are several varieties and sizes of these cuddly toys. I love these toys for our puppies when they head to their new home or are getting trained with a crate.

Washable Pee Pads

These are great - I also use them under dog bowls.

I like these because they are very thin but don't leak. You can use them in the car, on furniture, or under a puppy play pen.

Dog Leashes

Puppy Play Pen and Dog Crate

We use these play pens a lot when our puppies are young. Often we will attach the pen to the dog crate to give the puppy a safe place to play when other things demand our attention.


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