Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale from Kansas

Helpful Puppy Training Tips

Many years ago I,(Muffet), had the opportunity to be in an informercial for a famous dog trainer. It was a great experience and I learned a lot!

I start age appropriate training for our pups at 3 weeks of age to help them and you get off to a great start.  I am happy to pass on my knowledge when you purchase one of our puppies.

We believe that you will get out of your puppy what you put into him/her.  The nature of a golden is to please his/her owners, so as long as you are consistent and lay the ground rules from the beginning, training your puppy should be fairly easy. You can be very precise in your training.  I have trained many of my dogs to stay on my hard wood floors and not to walk in on the carpet with out being invited. They will happily go lay and stay on their bed until I ask them up. I have trained two dogs to heal me while riding my horse on the trails at Hillsdale Lake.  A customer of ours had her dog trained and she will heal with out a leash for 7 miles on a walking trail.  She wont even break the lead to chase a squirrel or a dear or other dogs.

That said, Our Golden Retriever Puppies come from a long line of very smart dogs. They learn fast but can also learn bad behavior if you reward the wrong behavior or don’t correct consistently. Most bad behavior is caused by the dog being bored or not getting enough exercise.

From time to time, we come across Puppy / Dog training tips and ideas that we think are worth consideration.  We hope that these ideas we have put together will help you and your puppy be great partners in life.

#1 Thing to remember BE CONSISTENT, everyone in the family should be communicating the same instructions.

#2 Don’t pet your dog unless he/she is sitting and calm

#3 If you are kenneling your puppy and he/she cries or barks, do not let the puppy out until she / he has stopped crying or barking.  If you do you will teach the pup if she / he cries or barks long enough he will eventually get taken out.

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