Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale from Kansas

Our Favorite Dog Toys and Products

At Simply Golden Puppies our Golden Retrievers  are pets first.  Our pups spend a lot of time playing on our 9 acre farm with us and with each other.  We have tested and tried out many products through out the years.  Because I get asked about different toys, training…. I have decided to let you know of some of our favorite things.

Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie Dog Toy by MultiPet

Kong Ball

For hours of fun whether we are throwing this or the dogs are playing keep away from each other, you cant go wrong with a KONG BALL.  It bounces crazy making chasing it a lot of fun.  It is also very durable so the dogs can chew to their hearts content and it won’t wear out.

Jolly Ball

I Personally LOVE this next ball.  Annie and I spend hours playing soccer with it.  I love The JOLLY BALL  because it is soft, so when she is the “goalie,” she does not get hurt if the ball bounces into her.  I have more fun and  get more exercise when I am running around the yard dribbling the ball and feel like this game of ours is a bonding game.  The Jolly ball  is also easy to throw and the dogs can pick it up in their mouth.  The best thing about it is that even if it gets a hole in it it will not deflate.

Dog Leash

I love this next item.  The Paw Lifestyles Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash w/ smartphone and treat pouches.  It is a Dual Handle Bungee Waist Leash.  I love this leash for many reasons.  I love it because of the comfortable waist band making it hands free when I need to answer my phone or grab a reward treat.  The waist band has two zippered pouches, one is large enough for a smart phone, the other can be used for treats or other items.  I also love the bungee aspect of the leash.  I feel that it helps my dog feel me turn  or move with out yanking.  It helps her learn to pay attention to me and be more responsive.  A bonus is an extra D ring for attaching another dog leash or even hanging a water bottle.

Pee Pads

We use pee pads for many reasons.  Many companies make pee pads and they come in many colors and sizes.  The pads are great when the pups are being born – they hold a lot of fluid which is important to help keep the new born pups dry while the momma is birthing new pups.  It is also great before the pups learn to go outside of their bedding area to pee and poop. These pads tend to wick away the moisture so I like them better than towels.  I also like to put one of these pads under the food and water dishes to help absorb spills.  Unlike disposable pee pads, these do not bunch up or tear and can be used hundreds of times.